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Stephen King’s Bag of Bones

Interactive Web Design & Video Editing

Project Summary

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones is an American TV horror film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and was created as a two-part series for A+E Television Networks.

As a member of A&E’s in-house design team, I was given the opportunity to create an interactive, media-rich website to coincide with the marketing campaign for this high profile series, a project that would normally be outsourced to a much larger creative agency. With access to key art, production stills and limited B-roll footage, our design team created a parallax Flash web experience. The site was a successful online extension of the movie that allowed users to dig deeper into the series and discover original content, feeding their excitement prior to, during, and after its television premiere. The site gave users access to exclusive long and short-form videos, production stills, character and cast bios, and original music.


A+E Television Networks


Web Design

Motion Design

Sound Design

Web Design


Video Loops & Page Transitions

This is the video entrance into the site. The haunting of the lake is a key element within the story, so here we are dragged underwater and shown a dreamlike sequence of a girl warning us. At the end of the video, we’re stuck underwater with this mysterious girl (in a loop) until our curiosity leads us to click on a click to another section of the site.

:14 – :40 is promotional third party content used to tie in underwater concept. 

Users click on links on the homepage where they are then transported from underwater to various locations within the story’s environment. These are those page transitions (About, Bios & Music).

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