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Steezin TV

Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Video Direction & Editing

Project Summary

Steezin TV is a snowboard comedy series covering the places you ride, the people you encounter, and the snowboarding action of the winter and beyond.

Steezin TV (2008–2010) aired on Resorts Sports Networks, now Outside Television, and consisted of three major segments: Resort Showcase, Local Highlights and Event Coverage. The show was a mix between a journalistic-travel style of promotional segments highlighting things to do during winter on the east coast and a reoccurring sketch comedy of two ’70s-style broadcasters covering events and competitions. The host, Cameron Audet, was the man behind the mic during the promotional segments, where he would construct candid interviews pieced together with his experience during the filming of that particular subject. But the real stars of the show were Bob Tickleson and Roger Dixwell, self-proclaimed as the internet’s number-one action sportscasting duo.


Resort Sports Network


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Character Development


Show Host – Trying to figure out what this snowboarding fad is all about.


Co-Sportscaster – Only in it for the ladies, which turns out is very few.


Co-Sportscaster – Professional integrity at its finest.

Photo Gallery

Video Segments

Rome’s 2009 World Quarter Pipe Championship

Scotty Lago Day Parade

Red Bull Snowscrapers

Mount Snow Resort Showcase

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